by James Yaffe

Metro Theatre – Vancouver, BC
Cast Size: 5 (3M, 2F)

The challenge this show brings is that it is not as strong a thriller as it could be. So in trying to figure out how to present it to an audience, and after the table read with the actors, my decision was to focus on the comedy that Mr. Yaffe included in his script. This resulted in a show that was high-paced with fast timing, which kept audiences laughing and guessing at the same time. It was also a nominee for Best Director for the Broadway World Regional Awards – Vancouver.

Synopsis (by Concord Theatricals):
Henry Lowenthal, after a long tenure as professor of philosophy at a small western college, is looking forward to being appointed to an endowed chair so that he and his wife can enjoy their golden years with honour and dignity. But their plans are given a rude jolt when his successor, a vindictive and ruthlessly ambitious young woman, informs him that she is not recommending him for the chair – an act of such calculated cruelty that the usually gentle professor seizes a bust of Socrates and strikes his tormentor a fatal blow. Thereafter, as Henry and his wife plot a foolproof way to dispose of the body, complications arise in the form of a rather sinister young student who is about to flunk out of school (unless his grade is changed) and who happened to witness the professor’s violent action. Add in a suspicious police lieutenant and you have all the ingredients for a series of suspenseful, unexpected and frequently funny developments, leading to a denouement that will catch everyone by surprise.

Scripts: Concord Theatricals

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