Stranger Things Have Happened…

I’m currently performing in the new show “The Doctor of Oz: A Self-Help Panto” at Hendry Hall in North Vancouver (it’s sold out, but you can get on the waiting list by calling the box office at 604-983-2633). Today, one of my castmates told me that she’d checked out my reel, and she’d discovered an interesting connection. A few years ago, I played a mom in a Vancouver Film School short called Bad Religion. Turns out, the kid who played my son is one Finn Wolfhard, current star of the Netflix hit Stranger Things.

Just goes to show that you never know where the people you work with will end up. Check out Finn’s early work here, starting at 2:19.

Bad Religion – Episode 2 (Short Film) from Jaime Sainz on Vimeo.


I Found Something Really Cool Today

Like a lot of people, I am a champion procrastinator. To that end, I use Pocket to save all the web pages I want to read later on. As I was going through it today, I found this entry on The Film Colony’s website, and it had the most amazing short film – a  behind-the-scenes video by MGM that takes you to all sorts of places throughout the studio in 1925, just a year after it was established.

If you’re at all interested in film history (or history in general) like I am, this is really a kick. I love the staff in the various departments that were all assembled in front of the cameras – it reminds me of the “happy holidays from all of us” messages that CTV News runs every New Year’s Eve.

Some of the things I just love about this:

Seeing all the authentic fashions of the day. We’re used to seeing the grand costumes that were put on film, but I love seeing the ladies with their hats:

Agnes Christine Johnston
Simple and lovely.
Carmel Meyers
Super sassy!

Or the carpenters who wore shirt and tie under their overalls:

Overalls and Ties

Take a look at the directors’ board. So many movies being made at once!

Directors Board

If you have a few minutes, take a watch.